What is MAT? 
Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)® is a powerful tool that analyzes and corrects muscular imbalances. MAT® is designed to re-establish the communication pathways between the nervous system and the muscular system in order to restore capabilities in under-active muscles. When balance to the muscular system is restored you will have less discomfort, move better, have increased mobility and be able to reach new levels of performance.

Why Should You Try MAT? 

If you're looking to improve upon issues ranging from tight muscles, discomfort at or close to a joint, recurring problems from activity, limited mobility, or reductions in physical performance MAT® would offer you incredible results. By assessing and correcting underlying muscle weaknesses MAT® is able to increase physical performance, decrease discomfort and restore balance and stability to the body.
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Assess Your Issues

Activate Your Weaknesses

Achieve Your Goals 

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Exceed your Limitations by Activating All Your Muscles


When training at a high level, muscular inefficiencies are magnified, and sometimes the body can no longer compensate or handle stress - eventually breaking down. The goal of MAT is to address  weakness before an injury occurs and reduce the risk of compensation and injury allowing athletes to perform harder and train longer.


MAT is an exercise-based process and research on exercise and its ability to improve health is well established. Because MAT ensures that each muscle is receiving a signal to contract, when you exercise your body will have the ability to maintain or gain muscle, thus reducing age related issues like sarcopenia


MAT not only helps to prevent injuries, but it can also assist a rehabilitation process. By balancing the muscular system MAT provides an improved environment for restoring physical performance quickly and with less discomfort. This allows the client to return to activity sooner with improved athletic capabilities.


Watch and learn more with these helpful & inspiring videos. Testimonials from both  athletes and individuals suffering from injury and reccurent issues.

Meaghan McG.

Client Testimonials

Charles dug me out of a serious hole. I'd been struggling with extreme sciatic pain in one leg for over a year when I was recommended to Charles at Muscle Activation SF. Before starting MAT, I'd been through extensive massage therapy, acupuncture, conventional PT, yoga, pain meds, etc. etc. etc. Hugely expensive, hugely unproductive. Could not walk more than twenty feet. Could not sit at all.


I've seen Charles 9 times so far. Last week I did fifteen miles of hiking in Yosemite. Enough said. You'll be amazed by what MAT can do!

Erik S.

Charles Lantz is incredible. I have struggled with back, hip and glute issues for almost 20 years. Seen every specialists in town - surgeons, pain specialists, nerve specialists, osteopaths, physical therapists, prolotherapists, chiro, PRP, dry needling, yoga, trainers, acupuncture, cupping, active release therapy, etc. Nothing worked. Charles was able to evaluate me and assign home exercises that provided relief and hope within days. I am now back to all of the sports that I had given up for dead. His process is both complicated and simple. Complicated in that Charles picks up on structural misalignments and muscular compensations so quickly that it is revelatory and almost mysterious. Simple in that if you just do what the dude says to do then you will be cured. Save yourself time and money. Go see Charles!

David B.

I love MAT and cannot recommend Charles enough! have been working with him for a few years now and could not be more thankful for him. I had been suffering back aches from an old injury for many years. When the aches increased and sever foot pain kept me from running for many months, I decided to try something new. I saw immediate results after my first session and appreciated  his honest approach to treatment. The treatment sessions combined with the at-home exercises helped me feel great in just a few months. For someone who had resigned herself to constant back aches forever, it was liberating! I continue to go every 4-6 months when feel like my body could use a little tune up and refresh my exercise routine. I highly recommend MAT to anyone with chronic issues and for those just looking to feel balanced and strong.

Meaghan McG.

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