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Provider Spotlight: Savannah Hein / Pilates

This week I am highlighting Savannah Hein and the great work she's done helping so many of my clients. Savannah is an expert at teaching Pilates and I often refer friends and clients to her as she is incredibly knowledgeable about the body. Here's what Savannah had to say about the work Pilates and MAT can create when done in tandem...

"Pilates and MAT complement each other beautifully... The detailed muscle testing that MAT practitioners use with their clients created a clear and useful road-map for me as a Pilates Instructor to work from. Charles and the other MAT Specialists I worked with are relentless at assessing, testing, treating, and retesting muscles that don't function as they should."

Savannah is based in San Francisco, California. She has a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and has been a BASI certified Pilates instructor since 2012. Her passion lies in rehabilitative Pilates and the amazing ways it can be used to heal, strengthen, and restore function. She uses the vast body of work and her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to help her clients recover from injury, age more gracefully, and increase athletic performance. Over the years she has taught clients from all walks of life and enjoys working with clients who are committed to growth and want to feel stronger and better in their bodies.

Savannah currently offers remote instruction and on-demand classes. You have a varied amount of options to download or subscribe to her offerings. I highly recommend giving one of her programs a shot and you will not be disappointed - as she's a clear, kind and knowledgeable instructor. Imagine yourself getting stronger and more resilient from the comfort of your own home - Savannah can help you get there!

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