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How MAT is a Paradigm Shift in Wellness

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Muscle Activation Techniques ("MAT") is a huge difference maker in the wellness field. Many athletes and regular people alike are compensating around movement issues and MAT works to reduce compensation head-on.

When your body cannot contract a muscle effectively it will limit your range of motion ("ROM") to protect you - this in turn often makes other muscles work harder or compensate particularly if you still want to move into those vulnerable ROM. And, the more you compensate oftentimes the tighter you start to feel, and the more limited you become.

MAT looks to identify movement issues, by checking your ROM at problem spots. When we find a ROM limitation that means there are one or more muscles that cannot contract through their full ROM.

No amount of stretching, rolling or strength training will trigger your central nervous system ("CNS") to just start using those muscles like they used to, certainly not in the short-term. With MAT we can create a neuromuscular communication change in the body almost instantly - restoring contractile abilities of weakened tissues to improve mobility and strength. And these are changes that will last, and you can even go back to training or physical therapy moving and feeling better - often performing at higher levels.

Check out the video below, and listen to Greg Roskopf, the founder of MAT explain the paradigm shift in his own words. Thanks for reading!

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