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Fixing Bryson's Wrist with MAT

Updated: Feb 7

Bryson Dechambeau is one of golf's current top performers and has been a steady fan of MAT for helping him compete at the highest level. He's gone on to break records and win pro tour events like the Rocket Mortgage Classic, US Open & Arnold Palmer Invitational in 2021.

Bryson worked with Greg Roskopf the founder of MAT to improve his bulk, strength and speed before his eventual US Open win. He was able to put up incredible numbers and avoid injury during that time too.

However, more recently Bryson was having some issues at his wrist and felt MAT was the right modality to improve on his muscle related pain issues.

In this quick video you can listen to Greg explain the process MAT utilizes to make athletes more resilient so they can train at higher levels and remain injury-free. Greg uses MAT to treat Bryson and help raise the strength tolerance of his weaker hand and wrist muscles so he can better tolerate forces and create performance outcomes.

As you can seen at the end of the video, Bryson is no longer complaining of pain in his wrist and hand. He's already feeling a difference and able to produce a lot more force in his golf swing.

That's the great thing about MAT - you don't have to wait to get results! You can start to train right after a session since all your muscles are more optimized and ready to tolerate forces better!

I've got another cool video with Bryson from the US Master's Golf Tournament where the media questioned him directly about his transformation to higher levels of performance. In this video interview Bryson explains how even he's surprised by his recent successes and gives Greg & MAT a big shout-out.

And, speaking to MAT and wrist strength - the other week I was catapulted off my gravel bike and landed most of my force on top of my right hand and wrist. The pain there was immediate and intense. However, within 3-minutes the pain had subsided and I had all the range of motion and strength you could ask for in the region.

You see, only 2 weeks prior to that accident I had gone to Vancouver to have my hands treated by a fellow MAT Specialist (Kyle Coventry with Muscle Activation Vancouver). Our hands take a beating every day doing our job, so we exchanged sessions working in that area. I fully credit the work we did in that area for helping my hand feel absolutely fine in the days following the accident.

Now that I've put more work in on clients using my hands, and due in part to that accident I'm sure, my hands are no longer 100%, but the work we did prevented more severe damage and allowed me to work the next day. I am continuously amazed by what MAT can help people do, and if you're interested let's connect to chat about it!

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